• Best Fitness BFSR10 Squat Rack

Best Fitness BFSR10 Squat Rack

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Brand Best Fitness

Squat racks and power racks are more popular than ever and nobody makes them better or more affordable than Best Fitness. The highlight of our new collection is the Best Fitness Squat Rack. Not only a great platform for squats the is a fantastic piece for both bench presses and dips. The open access side allows for easy free weight lifting and ten adjustment points ensure a proper lifting position for all exercises and fitness levels. Measuring a mere 49 in. wide the fits comfortably into any gym setting. If you are looking for an affordable and efficient option for squats bench presses or dips look no further than the Best Fitness Squat Rack.

  • Dimension - 48.3 x 32 x 55.5 in.
$189.78 $ 140.58
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