• 9477 Perrini Home Gym Jump Rope Black

9477 Perrini Home Gym Jump Rope Black

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Brand Shelter

Knives are one of the best multipurpose tools that come in handy in several situations. They are compact and are made for easy carrying purpose. They can be used for opening a box or a letter or cutting ropes tags and strings. Knives have varied uses in the kitchen like cutting chopping slicing and mincing. They can get odd jobs done at campsites and are the to-go weapons during acts of self-defense. These knives come in various shapes and sizes with different blade options to suit your needs.

  • Burn up to 1000 calories per hour - easiest way to shred fat build coordination and increase agility
  • Safer cardio -jump roping has been shown to be a great alternative to running and other high impact exercises that wear out your knee joints over the long term
  • High quality components - milled steel cabling with a high quality pvc coating for smooth rotation and a lower friction coefficient resulting in the ultimate speed roping experience
  • Adjustable length (up to 9 ft) - fits people of all sizes using the adjustable screw or a wire cutter
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